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Happy My Face - Logo Design & Packaging


Women between the ages of 23-45 in the United States looking for an affordable way to nourish and moisturize skin.


Happy My Face is a Korean sheet mask company started by a Bay Area native looking to make luxury Korean skincare more affordable and accessible to the American market. The original branding had no personality and did not represent the luxuriousness of the brand. I redesigned their logo to give the brand identity and a more high-end look. From there I redesigned their product packaging to help jump-start the business.



Having a distinguishable logo and identity system automatically gives the brand a personality. It was really important for me to portray the freshness and luxury feeling the packaging so I highlighted their high-end ingredients by creating the pattern with the products.


Because the business is really new, Happy My Face does not have a distinguishable logo. On their current products, they have the name of the business and product information in a sans serif font with no personality. In addition, the lack of design was making the product look cheap, which is the opposite of what the brand was to depict


I started off my design process by doing a lot of research on different sheet masks that were available in the US market and found two pretty distinct categories. Packaging that had a lot of illustrations and bright colors targeting a younger generation and minimalistic packaging that spoke to a more high end demographic. Because this brand wanted to achieve both luxuriousness and affordability for women between the ages of 23-45 I wanted this design to be somewhere in between. First I designed the logo and wanted to keep it simple as a logotype because I knew it would be going on a variety of different products and it will have to compliment all the products and those designs. I chose the font Lemon Milk and played around with the CAP height of each letter and decided on a pale yellow to evoke the happiness in the company name. After creating the logo I moved on to the recreation of the sheet mask packaging. I had the idea of using the sheet mask with a smile as the outline and using a patterned illustration of the product ingredients for the fill much like original packaging. I kept the rest of the package design white with minimal words to mimic cleanliness and the youthful promise of the Korean skincare. From there I expanded mockups on the three different ingredients used.


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