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L'oreal Colorista - Photoshop


Young women between the ages of 18 - 35 looking to do something fun with their hair


L'oreal Colorista is a line of at-home semi-permanent hair color specializing in trendy, bold shades. This marketing campaign refreshes an iconic image of Frida Kahlo with new hair colors to give a new twist on a classic.


Females between the ages of 18-35 are typically trendy and looking to refine their sense of style. By revamping iconic images I’m able to show these young ladies that classics can be contemporary, much like the brand finding alternative ways to stay relevant. By having an analogous color theme for the hair I am able to portray balance and harmony between the campaign but also provide enough contrast for the hair to pop off the original image.  


L’oreal is considered a fast beauty brand and needs to constantly come up with new products. Because of this, L’oreal has tried many marketing campaigns and is looking for a new way to promote this hair dye. They are also looking for a campaign targeted towards a young audience to stay relevant for generations to come.



Because Loreal is an iconic brand that has been around for generations I started off this design process by researching images of iconic women throughout history. I landed on this image of Frida who was essentially the beauty influencer of her time and decided to bring her to the 21st century. I started off by bringing her to Photoshop Medspa and took away her mustache because laser hair removal is extremely popular nowadays and slimmed down her jawline using the liquify tool. I also gave her some lip fillers and eyelashes to bring her up to date but kept her unibrow because the millennial generation is all about being individualistic. Obviously, the biggest change was to her hair promoting the hair color so I gave her an edgy bob with bright colors to show off the vibrancy of the hair dye. After overlaying and fitting the hair to her head, I color graded the strands to promote the different options for the hair dye. I then made mock-ups of magazine ads, Instagram feed promotions and beauty convention or popup stands.



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