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 The target audience for this magazine is males between the ages of 25-40 looking for travel inspiration to exotic locations.


Overnight Magazine is a modern day travel magazine that highlights a different country every issue hoping to bring awareness and tourism to exotic locations. Each issue is broken down by major cities in the country and offers a travel guide explaining popular tourist attractions. I designed the layout of the magazine with a picture forward approach, letting the negative space and images sell the location. 

Table of contents for Greece Issue

Table of contents for Greece Issue

Santorini spread

Santorini spread


Having promenade images on each spread helps to inspire the consumer by showing what type of images they could be taken when traveling to the country. Supporting text and travel guides allows the user to cut down on research in finding locations and makes it easier for them to plan a trip. Each spread is different from the previous to provide enough visual interest to keep the user's attention while each section has the same contents and format to provide brand recognition. 


To highlight images of exotic locations in order to inspire tourism to otherwise unpopular locations while providing enough text to allow the consumer to make an informed travel decision. Because this magazine speaks to a younger crowd, it is important to keep the spreads and the issues dynamic to keep the user's attention.


Overnight Magazine - Full Japan Issue


I started off this project on looking at different images and was blown away by some of the pictures from countries that I would never think to visit. Because these images were so powerful, I wanted them to be the highlight of the magazine with full page image spreads, a lot of negative space and the words structured in a clean and concise way. With this concept in mind, I created ruler guides in the master pages that would serve as a template for the rest of the issue. I mostly focused these templates on text placement to prevent distraction from the images. I then set my paragraph styles so that I could easily plug in the copy without much formatting, this was also helpful when I needed to make changes to the issue as a whole. After the placement of the copy, I sourced corresponding images for the spreads. 

Because the images have a lot going on, I want the masthead logo to be simple but prominent enough to stand up to the pictures. Futura Condensed Medium stood out to me because the NEGATIVE SPACE (inside of each letter) was minimal and popped against the images. Bodoni was my choice as the subhead because it’s classic nature mirrored the deep history each country had. To help guide the reader's eye, I added a dashed line on each page to symbolize the open road. 


Overnight Magazine - Full India Issue




Overnight Magazine - Full Thailand Issue



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