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TMPL Studios - Branding & Identity


Male millennials looking to book a session at a music recording studio.


TMPL Studio is a music recording studio in Palo Alto, CA  that focuses on recording and mixing music. I redesigned their logo to portray a more credible image and created an identity system to help jump-start the business. The client requested a minimalistic deep red logo with a temple, drawing inspiration from the Japanese rising sun.


Red is the color of energy, power and conjures up feelings of passion. These emotions are often found in music and thus the recording of music. By keeping the logo monochromatic I was able to bring the tranquility of the temple to the design and the brush stroke pays homage to ancient Japanese art. I played around with a circular backdrop to imitate the sun but ultimately decided against it because the simplicity of the logo poses a more credible and affluent design to speak to the luxurious nature of Palo Alto. The symbolism of the red backdrop also speaks to millennials by acting as a piece of undisclosed information that is often cherished by this generation.


Although TMPL studio has been around for a few years they did not have a proper logo and thus no identity that set them apart from the competition. My challenge was to design a logo that touched on the Asian heritage of the owner without letting it overpower the design. It was also important to create an identity that is both credible and inviting to millennials.



I started off the design process researching a different type of temple structures and rising suns to see how I was able to incorporate the two. After many illustrations, I came to a brush stroked Japanese archway to depict the temple and decided on a deep red backdrop to mimic the rising sun in a subtle way. Because the owner requested a minimalist design, I decided to keep the logo color palette monochromatic to portray the harmony found in music. When the necessary black text was used on a white background to draw parallels to music notes on sheet music.

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