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Wedding Spot

Wedding Spot - Social Branding


Brides between the ages of 21-35 looking for a wedding venue and inspiration


Wedding Spot is an online directory that allows couples to search, price and compare wedding venues. I was brought on to develop a social strategy that will enhance their internet presence and drive leads using original graphics.

Instagram Story featuring top performing venues

Instagram Story featuring top performing venues


By creating original content that was able to be re-posted by users, Wedding Spot’s social media following increased by 152% while increasing impressions by 6x and engagement by 3x. The Instagram story venue feature directed the user off of social media to on to the Wedding Spot website increasing inbound leads.


Wedding Spot’s social media presence was not driving leads and did border on their competitor's social pages. With social media being prevalent in modern day society they wanted to create original content to promote venues and to be reposted by other users.

Instagram Story to prompt venues to join Wedding Spot platform

Instagram Story to prompt venues to join Wedding Spot platform


I started off this design process by researching what other wedding directories were doing on social media to promote their venues. I found that Instagram stories were instrumental as swipe up links were able to be added as a call to actions directing users to view each venue page. From there I then created templates in Adobe Illustrator that would act as the structure of each feature. This was important to put in place because I wanted this segment to be recognizable and to have rhythm when seen by their followers. Each frame highlighted venue images as well as corresponding information such as name and location of the venue, max capacity, and price range and finally call to action to urge bookings. Once the template was created, I uploaded the frames into Canva where team members would be able to swap out images and text easily. The same process was used to create in-feed images and other Instagram story alerts.


Instagram In-feed Graphic’s


Illustrator | Photoshop | Canva


  • Over 5.5k new Instagram followers since October 2018

  • 6x more Impressions (total number of times all of the posts have been seen)

  • 3x more engagement (includes: profile visits, website clicks, emails)

  • 5x post reach on Facebook



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